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1. Maintenance free performance up. By Hyundai’s pb-Ca-Sn alloy technology, make life longer and minimize self-discharge rate and acid reduction.
2. Safety and durability up. Minimize water usage by separating ventilation and acid.
3. Indicator
4. Integrated handle. More convenient handle raise the efficiency of transport at warehouse and shop.
5. High resistance design for vibration. Inside wall of case has plate up-holder densely so that plates can’t vibrate at bad road condition.
6. High intensity terminal. German Hoffmann Technology. Maximize terminal intensity and minimize fading of terminal color.
7. Flame arrester. Minimize acid-leakage and prevent explosion from spark of outside.
8. Envelope separator. Low electricity resistance and high intensity design. Maximize durability and give excellent engine-starting performance at extremely cold weather.
9. These batteries are used in any kinds of automobiles, heavy vehicles, agricultural vehicles and UPS machineries.
10. According to Global Standard Institute, this is the best Korean battery and also is the winner of the First Prize from Korean Standard Institute.  
11. This battery is installed on Hyundai and Kia Motors vehicles.
12. Tiger battery has a projecting engraved label which indicates that it is genuine and Korean.  



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