About Us


This company was established with the name of Shetab in 2001 and focused mainly on automotive starters and alternators. From 2005 the company’s name was changed to Pooya Electronic Iranian and the focus of activities changed towards importing and distributing batteries and testers.  


Pooya Electronic company is one of the leading companies in importing and distributing automotive battery and tester from Asian countries. This company has been co-operating with the following countries; South Korea with its renowned brand of ROYAL, TIGER, & HILUX calcium battery, Indonesia with the brand of NS (Dry Charge), Taiwan with the brand of DHC battery testers.


Becoming brilliant in distributing and sales management, the company joined the top companies and won the Diamond prize in 2010.


In 2006 Pooya Electronic started its cooperation with Mabanol Oil company, which is continued till now.


This company owns a head office and one shop in Tehran’s Bazaar and many agencies throughout Iran.